Here at Kermi’s Kindy educators aim to provide a sense of belonging for the children by making them feel safe, secure and supported. Educators understand that each child is unique and learns differently, so through their abilities and strengths they will help children to develop a strong sense of identity and wellbeing so that they may become more confident and involved learners who are connected to and contribute to their world.

Educators will value and respect each child as an individual by focussing on the child’s current interests and skills as well as allowing them to be creative, use their imagination, be enthusiastic and to have perseverance. This is achieved through observing, interacting and documenting each child throughout their learning experiences then providing opportunities to extend their play and supplying additional support where needed.

Kermi’s Kindy is a supportive active learning environment for children to take responsibility for their own learning, personal regulation and contribution to the social environment. Giving children social responsibility by sharing ideas and thoughts in their play through open ended communication shows them to respect others and their environment, which makes learning more meaningful and increase children’s feelings of belonging.

Children are social beings who are instinctively motivated to exchange ideas, thoughts, questions and feelings, and to use a range of tools and media, including music, dance and drama, to express themselves, connect with others and extend their learning.

Educators encourage this through: Intentional teaching; literacy and numeracy; play based learning; child/adult involvement; allowing spontaneity and exploration; experimentation and investigation; encouraging self help skills; nurturing children as a whole; communicating and collaborating with families.

Kermi’s Kindy embraces a welcoming partnership with parents, families and the community by respecting the histories, cultures, languages, traditions, child rearing practices and lifestyle choices of families. We value children’s different capacities and abilities and respect differences in families’ home lives. We support all children with special needs as we work with professionals and families to help enhance their strengths and abilities and make them feel more welcomed within the community.

Kermis’s Kindy believes that we should build strong relationships in our community, which teach the children to be active citizens in our society. We engage and work in partnerships with local community centres, local schools, and local businesses and sports teams. We also connect within the community by bringing the local citizens into the centre through open days, multicultural nights and parent information nights.

The Educators will ensure the environment is safe, clean and well maintained. Children’s awareness of the environment and sustainable practice will be supported through daily practices, resources and interactions. Sustainable practices will be encouraged within the education and care service. Educators, children and families will be encouraged to become advocates for a sustainable future. Educators will make sustainable practices a part of the daily routine; these include recycling, gardening, energy conservation, water conservation and sustainable equipment purchases such as wooden blocks and furniture. We promote the development of life skills such as growing and preparing food, waste reduction and recycling.

Kermi’s Kindy encourages children to be actively engaged in indoor and outdoor activities and experiences which challenge their ability to learn about the elements of the natural environment. We encourage the children to respect their natural environment as they have access to natural features such as plants, trees, sand and soil. We encourage the children to be actively involved in their learning about the different life cycles of animals as they assist with feeding and maintaining the environment in a respectful manner.

Implementing the Early Years Learning Framework of Belonging, Being and Becoming into daily experiences, parents can feel safe in the knowledge that Kermi’s Kindy is providing their children with the utmost love, care and devotion to their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.