On Monday 31st October 2016, the children at Kermi’s Kindy celebrated Halloween with a Halloween Dress up Party.

All the children were encouraged to dress up for this party and we played many different games and activities. The children did some dancing and musical statues with their dress ups on. We than played a spoon race, where we put a lollie onto the spoon and the children raced to see who could keep their lollie on the spoon without dropping it. Lastly we played the game pass the pumpkin, where the children passed the pumpkin around in a circle and when the music stopped the children took out one chocolate or lollie from inside the pumpkin for them to take home.

The children than went and sat down and had some delicious Halloween jelly cups that their educator Amanda had made for them. Educator Marcela brought the children in cupcakes and fairy bread to have for afternoon tea. A big THANK YOU to Isla and Liam for bringing in some apples for us to have for afternoon tea.

Check out the Daybook below from our Halloween Dress up Day!



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